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A Second Look

Our Second Look process for potential clients is an outgrowth of our passion for helping people reach their goals. If you are considering working with us, below you will find the three components of our new client planning sessions.

Financial Strategies Report - Our strategies report is made in-house and is your personalized snapshot of where you stand across all five of our financial planning areas. This document is not meant to sit on a shelf and collect dust - it is something that we work through together over time. Each section comes with immediate personalized advice, planning to-do's for the future, and relevant information to consider. 

Retirement Income Stress Test - Retirement income planning is a core component of each financial plan and investment strategy that CCA produces. Every individual and family needs to have not only a personalized retirement income plan, but also a method of making sure their plan will work.  With the help of MoneyGuidePro software, we take what we know about your potential retirement income, retirement expenses and track your probability of success.

Tax Return Analysis - We believe in the tenants of a tax efficient retirement; by analyzing your recent tax returns we look for opportunities for current tax savings and future tax planning. Our analysis goes line by line through your return and offers commentary and insight to help you make the most of your taxable situation.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Second Look process or beginning an relationship with CCA, click on the Contact tab at the top of the page.